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PRO tips for ++ results


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10 PRO TIPS among many many tips we know. To rise up confort and efficiency. Communication related to your professional field or your personal life. You choose among dozens of effective and simple practical and popularized tips.

To obtain more listening, to be better understood and to project more credibility.

Also less tired, your throat and your whole bodyl.

We can work together anywhere inside the communication loop:

Voice, sound, breathing, formulations, mindset.

About you or about your listener(s).

60 to 75 MINUTES online.

Intended Audience

For anyone who feels not properly listened to and not understood at their fair value.

For any voice user who is not getting the expected results.

For anyone who strains their throat and gets tired while talking.

For anyone who worries too much before a speech.

For anyone who has a message to convey.

Value Proposition

Become aware of the many components of your voice and speech


Increase your results and goals achievement.

Increase the collaboration and involvement from your teams.

Increase your students or participants results.

Increase family or marital harmony.

Make people wanting to listen to you longer and deeper.

Leave people with more energy available to understand, retain and take action.

Be less tired yourself when speaking, one on one or in front of groups.

Be more yourself when conveying your messages.