We find the right talents to bring your project to life. Simply.

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Collab Machine ... is a collective at your service.

It's the ultimate ecosystem for moving towards your next step, collaboratively.

It's the platform that connects project owners and talent in IT, e-commerce, and web marketing.

It's a platform and above all, a network that brings together and reaches a large number of specialists.

An essential when you have a project to complete.

2 ways to
work together

You are no longer alone, the search is over.

  • Helping hand: Something is already in place, something to maintain. It's about adding features to an existing project, improving a system, or even fixing a bug or two.

  • ⚛︎

    Atomic formula: Starting something from scratch, from A to Z. From design to hosting, from idea to marketing, we can bring specialists together to take care of each facet of your ambitious project.

When to
reach out to us?

  • It's too complicated?
  • You lack the talents to complete your projects?
  • You're looking for additional expertise for certain specialized aspects of a project?
  • It's too big for you to handle on your own?
  • Your project is going in circles?
  • You don't have time, you keep postponing?
  • Etc.


Working with the CollabMachine team has been a pleasant and straightforward process. It was easy to communicate with them, and they delivered excellent quality within the given timelines and continue to provide the best possible support.

CollabMachine was able to assemble a tailor-made team to work with our local team. We were able to clarify the right concepts to prioritize, and a team of programmers was able to accompany us throughout the development.

CollabMachine was for me the opportunity to develop myself as an independent worker/entrepreneur but also to meet new people. Whether you have the entrepreneurial spark or not, I highly recommend it!

CollabMachine is your collaboration machine

Your tool to achieve, your fantastic giant Swiss Army knife.

Such a pool of talents offers a wide variety of specialties. We offer the ideal ecosystem for imagination, we offer continuity.

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It's as easy as ...

  • Tell us about your project
  • We find the right talents
  • We bring your project to life (collaboration)