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Communicate : THE most important skill for your business or career


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According to Adecco, by 2020, communication has become the most valued soft skill* on the job market.This is also THE most important business skill according to many experts! (out of 12 to 18 skills depending on the source).

Knowing how to communicate effectively is one of the keys to success in business as well as in one's career: saying what you really think without offending anyone, being respected without being disrespectful, being conciliatory without denying what is important to you, managing your emotions before they manage you, listening as well as feeling listened to... real challenges!

Indeed, a poorly chosen word and our interlocutor becomes inflamed, a turn of phrase that is too vague and misunderstandings ensue, a misinterpreted silence and it is a mandate that flies away!

How can we remedy this? By practicing Zero Waste Communication©: a way of communicating that does not produce new relational waste (unspoken words, dubious interpretations, innuendos...) and that recycles those already produced (outbursts that we regret, hurtful words, misleading communication...).

To learn how to do this: an 8-week training course. 4 group sessions (6 to 8 participants). Sessions of 3 hours every 2 weeks. On Zoom. In French. Interactivity, benevolence and challenge guaranteed.

Looking for the dates**? We will choose them together! Reserve your place by paying your registration fee and I will contact you.

Another possibility: contact me at [email protected] to reserve your place by paying 50% of the total registration fee. The balance will be paid only at the beginning of the cohort.

**As soon as 4 participants are registered, we choose together the dates of THEIR course. The next 2 to 4 participants join the dates already chosen.

Get the ball rolling!

NB: the Course also exists in a VIP formula, with 4 hours of individual coaching, very appreciated by the participants. Ask for more information!

* "Soft skills are broadly speaking, non-technical skills that influence the way you work. (Adecco, 11/11/20 article).

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Intended Audience

Entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, employees. In daily contact with customers, suppliers, collaborators, team members, colleagues, supervisors.Whether you're a :

🤐 Introvert who is tired of keeping what you think to yourself.

🤬 Impulsive and quick to react.

🥵 "Hyper-emotional" managed by your emotions as soon as "it gets to you".

🤔 A poorly shod shoemaker confronted with relational situations that resist you

😲 Involuntary specialist of "it comes out all wrong".

🙃 Conciliator who burns your energy in endless compromises

You are welcome!

You are a team with a mix of these profiles? Your group is created! Please contact me!

Value Proposition

Expect an interactive training that goes far beyond skill development. According to participants, this Journey elevates us as human beings, makes us better people, changes our lives...

"What usually affects us doesn't affect us anymore. The boss calls me more than before. He thanks me, which he never did before. Your Journey, it makes me see more clearly and go further. You changed my life."

Olivier L.